Terms for project customers / interior designers

We do collaborations with project customers and interior designers. We also supply stylists, bloggers, magazines etc. We offer bespoke sizing and custom designs for special projects. Currently we have taken part in decorating hotels, restaurants, cafés, offices  etc.

We offer our project customers & interior designers 40% discount on our regular prices on artprints and the opportunity to order just one of each design (resellers have a minimum of 2 of each). We also offer 25% discount on our frames, hangers and framed mini prints.

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Regular prices:

All prices are per piece.

A4: 19 €
30x40cm: 29 €
40x50cm: 45 €
50x70cm: 59 €
70x100cm: 95 €

22 cm: 9 €
31 cm: 14 €
41 cm: 16 €
51 cm: 18 €
71 cm: 20 €

A4 black: 14 €
A4 oak: 17 €
30x40cm black: 17 €
30x40cm oak: 25 €
40x50cm black: 32 €
40x50cm oak: 39 €
50x70cm black: 39 €
50x70cm oak: 47 €

Framed mini print 15x15cm: 17 €
Framed mini print 15x21cm: 20 €


We now have a new extra large printer that can print sizes up to 1 meter in width! So if you are looking for big statement pieces we can now offer custom sizes and designs upon your request. Contact Sofia at sofia@liljebergs.nu for more information.

Our standard sizes:


We photograph and print everything in our own studio. Each image consists of up to 100 images that have been packed together with different depths of sharpness to create as detailed and realistic images as possible. is macro technique allows you to enlarge the images at great magnification without losing any sharpness or quality. The prints are all printed from high end 11-color inkjet printers. They are printed on a matte 200 gram quality paper with pigment inks of the highest quality with a very long life span. This gives a quality and durability that far exceeds traditional o set printing.


New customers pay in advance against invoice. We proceed with the order as soon as we receive payment. Excisting customers pay against invoice 20 days net from the shipping day. Contact us if you prefer to pay by credit card.


We ship from us within approx 10 working days (often faster). All deliveries are with UPS, they deliver usually within 3-5 working days within EU. Freight is charged according to their tariffs. Free shipping for orders over €600 within EU (does not apply to frames shipped on pallet). Larger quantities of smaller sizes and frame sizes 50x70cm and over are always shipped on pallet. Depending on the quantity, we will ship either with Dachser or UPS, larger quantaties might take a little longer time to arrive, approx 4-7 working days extra. Contact us if you want a quotation beforehand.


We can frame the prints at an additional cost, contact us if you prefer this option for prices. If you choose this service our delivery time can increase by up to 10 extra working days, depending on the size of the order.


All our frames are FSC certified wood products produced from well- managed forests and/or recycled materials. The frames comes either in natural solid oak or in black painted wood, they are all with styrene (plexi) glass. The MDF backing is equipped with two hangers. Size A4 have also a back support for standing. The frame is 18 mm thick and 12 mm wide.

The magnetic hangers comes in natural solid oak or black painted solid beech wood. They are attached to the print with magnets. Mounted they are 10 mm thick and 20 mm wide. The mini frames are black painted wood with normal glass and has a back support for standing. Thee frame is 12 mm thick and 12 mm wide.

If you have any questions, please contact Sofia at sofia@liljebergs.nu